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My Dear, You Need To Pursue, Overtake As To Recover All.

we need to pursue-overtake-and-recover

Welcome to the year 2016, this year, we really need to recover all that the enemies had taken from us the previous years. For that reason, we really need to pursue, overtake as to recover all. To understand this topic, we need to go back to the Bible and get our background story from there. We can see the story in 1st Samuel chapter 30 verses 1 to 20. (more…)

A police officer forced to drink his sperm from condom.

a husband forces officer drink sperm

A man became angry after he walked into his house and found his wife in bed with a police officer. Nicholas Maga of Harare, Zimbabwe, said that he found two used condoms in his house, which made him believe that his wife was cheating.

However, he had no proof. Maga, who works as a truck driver, asked a neighbor to keep an eye on his house to see if men visit his wife Evangelista Banhu, 29. (more…)

My Dear, When You Change Your Marriage And Spouse Will Change With You.

your marriage will change when you change

I wish to ask, “Is your marriage a success, Are you happy with your marriage, and with your spouse”? Are you glad that you married that man or woman? What many couples don’t realize is that they hold the key to the success (happiness) or failure of their marriage. That is why I keep saying it, your marriage is as good or bad as you make it. (more…)

Lessons Learnt from Successful People – How to Achieve Your Goals

Being part of successful people

What is your first instinct when you become aware of someone’s great success? If you’re like most people, you’ll start thinking: “why don’t these things happen to me?” It’s not about luck! When you ask how they managed to do it, you’ll realize it’s all about hard work and commitment. (more…)