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My Dear, Wisdom Is Profitable To Direct In Your Marriage

In the Bible, Solomon in Ecclesiastes 10: 10 said something important “If the iron be blunt, and he does not whet the edge, then must he put to more strength: but wisdom is profitable to direct”. Yes, wisdom is profitable to direct in your marriage relationship.

Wisdom is defined as an applied knowledge and you can never have wisdom if you are void of knowledge. The knowledge you have about marriage determines how far you can fly in your marital life. And today the high number of marriage failures we have is as a result of much ignorance on the part of some couples.

In other words, today some couples are suffering various crises in their marriage because they are ignorantly doing what they ought not to do while failing to do what they ought to do in their marriage. That is why it is said that “your marriage is good or bad as you make it”.

Today, you can see many highly successful and respectable men and women in our society but awful failures in their marriage relationship. That is why you see that many of them are divorced and has marriage failures.

As the topic suggests, the success or failure of your marriage is determined by the level of marriage information available at your disposal. Some have adequate marriage materials or information available but they failed to implement the information they are gathering and without applied knowledge, you can never have the wisdom to deal with the issue of your marriage.

I was compelled to write this article because of what I read recently on a Fox News Magazine titled, “7 Signs You’re Getting Bad Advice From a Marriage Counselor”.

See http://magazine.foxnews.com/. After reading that article, I started to think what could possibly make a marriage counselor to give his or her client a bad advice?

Of a truth, that topic made me read wide and in the process I came to realize that it is true some marriage counselors could give his or her client a bad advice that if implemented could lead to a crash of his or her client’s marriage.

To this end, I wish to point out that the personality of the marriage counselor matters a lot and determines the kind of advice you receive from him or her. I want you to note that there is a wide difference between a trained marriage counselor and a gifted marriage counselor.

For instance, I am by the grace of GOD a gifted marriage counselor and not trained in marriage counseling. Over the years, even before I started writing and posting articles on the net, GOD had used me and I had the opportunity to counsel many couples and singles. Many had come back to testify that my counsel did miracles in their marriage and many singles equally appreciated my counseling.

But what of a trained marriage counselor, a Ph.D. holder in marriage counseling but had a failed marriage, in other words, he or she had divorced. So if you happen to go to such a person to obtain marriage counseling, may GOD save your marriage if his or her counseling will not mislead you and cause your marriage to crash.

That is why I said that wisdom is profitable to direct in your marriage, so you need to consider the person you are going to for marriage advice or counseling and the kind of marriage he/she has. A marriage counselor who had divorced will surely encourage you to go for a divorce.

A man or woman who has failed marriage will never offer you advice that could save your marriage from crises but may encourage you to immediately go for a divorce. You can’t give what you don’t have and out of the abundance of the heart, the mount speaks.

What of a trained marriage counselor that is a woman, an advocate of women equality and herself already divorced. If you as a fellow woman goes to her for counseling, she could give you advice that could crash your marriage if implemented.

In other words, you should be very conscious and weigh every information or counseling you receive from any marriage counselor or from any website. You should allow the wisdom of GOD to guide you in implementing any information. I wish also to point out there are information you chose to despise today that could be the savior of your marriage.

Finally as said, you need to apply discretion in applying any information you get from any marriage counselor and from any website dealing with marriage. You should note that it is not all information received that applies to you, so it is never wise to apply information that does not apply to you. So be conscious and note that wisdom is profitable to direct you in your marriage relationship.

Until I come your way again, stay committed to your marriage. Ensure that whenever you have the need for marriage counseling; be sure and note that wisdom is profitable to direct you. Shalom.

source; http://www.evergreenmarriage.com/my-dear-wisdom-is-profitable-to-direct-in-your-marriage/

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