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My Dear, Wisdom Is Profitable To Direct In Your Marriage

there is a need-for-correct-marriage-counselor

In the Bible, Solomon in Ecclesiastes 10: 10 said something important “If the iron be blunt, and he does not whet the edge, then must he put to more strength: but wisdom is profitable to direct”. Yes, wisdom is profitable to direct in your marriage relationship.

Wisdom is defined as an applied knowledge and you can never have wisdom if you are void of knowledge. The knowledge you have about marriage determines how far you can fly in your marital life. And today the high number of marriage failures we have is as a result of much ignorance on the part of some couples. (more…)

Towards Making The Right Choice Of Who To Marry

Follow these steps for choosing the right person to marry.

Quite often, the success of our marriage to a large extent depends on the type of person we choose as our marriage partner. That is why making the right choice of who to marry is one of the uphill tasks of some young men.

Some couples whose marriages had failed, some claimed that the major reason for the failure was because they made the wrong choice of who they married. (more…)

My Dear, When You Change Your Marriage And Spouse Will Change With You.

your marriage will change when you change

I wish to ask, “Is your marriage a success, Are you happy with your marriage, and with your spouse”? Are you glad that you married that man or woman? What many couples don’t realize is that they hold the key to the success (happiness) or failure of their marriage. That is why I keep saying it, your marriage is as good or bad as you make it. (more…)

Though I Am Married, I Have Fallen In Love With Another Man.

i have fallen in love with another man

In our society today, there are countless men and women even though they are married, they are not happy in their marriage. I read about one of such in a post in telegraph of a woman who said “I have a fantastic husband, but I fell in love with another man. How do I move on?” http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ (more…)