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You And The Prophets – Recognizing The Ministry Of God’s Prophets.

You and the prophets of God

In this world over the years, there are people who walked through life with ease and without many struggles just because they recognized and utilized the ministry of GOD’S prophets. No wonder GOD said in the book of Hosea 12:13 “By a prophet the LORD brought Israel out of Egypt, And by a prophet he was preserved”.  (more…)

My Dear, You Need To Pursue, Overtake As To Recover All.

we need to pursue-overtake-and-recover

Welcome to the year 2016, this year, we really need to recover all that the enemies had taken from us the previous years. For that reason, we really need to pursue, overtake as to recover all. To understand this topic, we need to go back to the Bible and get our background story from there. We can see the story in 1st Samuel chapter 30 verses 1 to 20. (more…)

My Dear, Why Destroy Your Life And Glorious Destiny? (2)

Know that you have a glorious destiny don't destroy it.

This is the second part of the series; I hope you have read part one of the series for a better understanding. In the first part, we looked at two examples of people that paid dearly by their unlawful encounter with the prophet of GOD. In this segment; we shall look at the continuation in this second part of the series. (more…)

My Dear, Why Destroy Your Life And Glorious Destiny?

be careful, why destroy your destiny

GOD in His infinite plan and purpose has packaged glorious destinies for HIS people. However many live and die without fulfilling and realizing their GOD’S ordained plan and purpose for their life.They die without realizing or fulfilling their destiny in life because of their ignorance. (more…)