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Motivation Is Important for our Breakthrough

Lessons Learnt from Successful People – How to Achieve Your Goals

Being part of successful people

What is your first instinct when you become aware of someone’s great success? If you’re like most people, you’ll start thinking: “why don’t these things happen to me?” It’s not about luck! When you ask how they managed to do it, you’ll realize it’s all about hard work and commitment. (more…)

For What Cause Are You Living

what cause are you living for?

Life without a cause will end under a cloud.

Living without a cause is like living under a curse.

Cause is the cure to fainting. With a cause you cannot faint. II Cor.4:16,17

Strong people are those motivated by their cause.

It is the greatest motivation to life. It makes one tireless and ever “drivy”. (more…)

If They Can Succeed, Then No Man Has An Excuse To Be A Failure In Life.

Each time I read the story about two people, I could but conclude that the only people who could give an excuse for their failures in life are people whose brains are dead, or abnormal brain.

Apart from an abnormality of the brain, no other physical challenges should serve as an excuse for failure. The first of such personality we shall look at is Nick Vujicic. Read the biography on  http://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org (more…)

7 Steps On How To Become Addicted To Success


Many people read Rich Dad Poor Dad but they forget that they are their greatest asset.

Our minds and our hearts bring our greatest return on investment.

Successful people are investors, in their dreams and the dreams of others.
Here are 7 steps on how to become addicted to success:

1. Ask questions

Knowledge is potential power and questions are the healthiest way to grow your knowledge.

By asking questions we are able to understand how things work and those who understand how things work can make things work.

Ask lots of questions, ask big questions, and ask small questions.

Build your understanding. (more…)